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This just came into my inbox from my local London Google OSJam mailing 
list. Although I don't expect anyone to be able to get to the meeting in 
Holborn (part of central London), I think there may be some on both 
lists that may be interested in participating in this software, 
particularly as disasters where this software can help are known to 
occur in the Philippines, it's written in Ruby on Rails and mapping 
integration is likely to be useful to implement.
I'll try to join them on Saturday, if I can manage to shift around other 

Hope this is of interest!


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London: RapidFTR project (for UNICEF). Please join us!
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Hi all.  Apologies for posting at such short notice, but hopefully
this will be of interest to some of you.  We're hosting a code jam at
the Thoughtworks office in Holborn this Saturday to work on the open
source RapidFTR project (http://www.rapidftr.com).

RapidFTR was an idea coined by post-grad students at New York
University, which some of us at Thoughtworks have been helping them to
implement.  It's a great idea that can make a massive difference to
the Family Tracing and Reunification work that aid organisations do in
humanitarian disaster areas.  i.e. reuniting lost children with their
families.  (See the RapidFTR website for details.)  UNICEF are already
very interested in it, and would like to be able to deploy it as soon
as possible.  (The first areas they will deploy it to would probably
be Haiti, and IDP camps in Uganda and Sudan.)

We're having the code jam to see if we can get enough done so that it
can start being used in the field.  There's also lots more we would
like to add after the initial deployment if people are are keen to
work help out beyond this Saturday.  There are many different areas
that people can help with:

RESTful API and Ruby on Rails backend, and a web admin interface;
Search functionality (CouchDB);
Blackberry phone client (specifically requested by UNICEF since that's
what their aid workers have);
Android phone client (so RapidFTR can be used by more NGOs);
Any other form of RapidFTR client that people are interested in

For more information about the project please visit: http://www.rapidftr.com/

Event details:

Saturday March 27, 2010  from 10:00am - 4:00pm (or as long as people
can stay)
ThoughtWorks UK Office
Berkshire House, 168-173 High Holborn
London, United Kingdom, England WC1V 7AA

If you think you might want to get involved, please just ping me a
mail: telkin at thoughtworks.com so we can make sure we have plenty of
food and drink for everyone.  :-)  If there's a particular functional
area you'd like to work on, let me know that to.




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