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> Subject: Planning trip need refresher course on mkgmap and merkaartor
> Hi Guys,
> I seem to be missing a step when converting an OSM map from Merkaartor to Garmin.
> I export a map as an OSM XML file from Merkaartor and name it map.osm, then I use mkgmap to convert that into a img file for Garmin.  The command line I use is:
> mkgmap-r1624$ java -ea -jar mkgmap.jar map.osm
> and mkgmap gives me an output file called numbersomething.img.
> I rename that file to gmapsupp.img and transfer it to my micro SD card Garmin/gmapsupp.img

The output file should be several imgs (overview map, index, etc.).
All these files should be integrated into a single gmapsupp.img.  Add
the gmapsupp switch in your syntax.

mkgmap-r1624$ java -ea -jar mkgmap.jar --gmapsupp map.osm

	Write a gmapsupp.img file that can be uploaded to a Garmin or
	placed in "/Garmin" in a microSD card (such as by mounting the
	device in USB mass storage mode).
	TODO: explain if this is in addition to or instead of the
	per-input files.

> So instead of merkaartor I go to OSM and export a map, but I can't get an area big enough to cover my trip.
That is correct, you can't big areas for osm data via the Export tab
in the main site.

> I think I'm missing a style file which I can't seem to find and it seems I'm not exporting my data from merkaartor correctly?

You can get the style file for osm-ph garmin map via the trac/svn.
Instructions on accessing the site is here:

> I think exporting from OSM directly saved me a lot of time but how do I get OSM to export as big as I need, like from marikina to enfanta, or say the whole of luzon or the Philippines? ;)

The daily Philippine extract is here:

Good luck!  I'm happy other people are doing the garmin map conversion
as well.  If you can find other improvements we can of course
integrate them in the regular map update.

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