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It seems that the Philippine data is not yet odbl ready (too few green
ways).  I have my own preference on the license change (won't push it
to anyone).  Having said that, please check your own settings in the
openstreetmap.org and decide on the license and contributor terms.

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Subject: [OSM-talk] license change map
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As the license thermometer[1] turns greener I was interested in how
far this already effects the map data. So using the planet history I
took a closer look on the ways.

So far 3700 mappers agreed to the new license. Out of 68 million ways
46% are created and edited only by people who did accept the ODBL. 42%
were not edited by a proponent of ODBL, the remaining 12% of the ways
have a mixed history. You will find a map of the ways colored
according to their license (red = CCBYSA, green = ODBL, yellow =
partly ODBL) at


[1] http://matt.dev.openstreetmap.org/treemap.png

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