[talk-ph] Fwd: pgRouting with Phil data

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Mon Nov 22 14:06:48 GMT 2010

Another routing application using pgrouting engine.  A pinoy developer
requested to include osm-ph data in the routing app during the FOSS4G
conf in Tokyo.

Anyway, during that conference I was able to convince Daniel Kastl of
GeoRepublic.org to include the Philippine OSM data into their
pgRouting demo application. I don't know if you have used pgRouting
before, but it does work quite well using the OSM for its network
data. One of the big news of FOSS4G Barcelona is that the PostGIS
people have decided to incorporate pgRouting into PostGIS 2.1, so it
will be going pretty much mainstream.

The demo site is here:


Just look for Philippines on the list of areas and zoom into Metro
Manila. It uses just the Length as the cost, so it will just give the
shortest path and not necessarily the correct path. What is nice about
this application is that you can output the path in KML, GML, and
couple of other formats.



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