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I'll try to trace it on the way to Alabang (this Saturday)

As far as I know, there are no shortcuts (unless you consider the Jamboree-Freedom Park-UP Rural-Puypuy route as a shortcut. There' s a route going to Sto. Domingo, Bay via Los Baños Poblacion- Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU) Los Baños-Mayondon but I cannot personally verify it since I'm "stuck" in the Batong Malake/UPLB area.)

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Hi all!

I was browsing wikimapia SLEX and noticed the  link is
 already on the map.
there's also another exit that I can take to bypass traffic prone
Calamba Crossing
and instead direct exit to Brgy. Pansol (there's an alternate route
using calamba exit
to avoid crossing/walter mart and SM calamba but you'll exit Halang)
with the road ending near Sun City resort (so that's why i noticed a
new that built there)

is that connector road already open? I passed by SLEX about 3 weeks
ago and it was still closed (it was blocked by orange traffic
bollards). I took the Rizal Manila east road route in going home 2
weeks ago so didn't noticed if it's open. If it's open I can take that
road tomorrow so I can add to OSM

I just hope there's another road to bypass Los Banos/College too

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