[talk-ph] conditional one-way streets?

tutubi tutubi at backpackingphilippines.com
Mon Sep 20 06:28:27 BST 2010

in makati, there are one way streets with window times, mostly two-way
streets at night but one-way during the day

in Laguna, particularly in Sta. Cruz and Siniloan towns, there are
streets that are one way for PUJs but not for private vehicles. How
can I tag them? do i just assume we're private cars thus  two-way?
there's also a portion of Guevarra St. in Sta. Cruz one way for most
vehicles but two way for trikes and motorcycles :(

it's been years since I passed by the poblacion of Sta Cruz; lots of
changes there, but one of my favorite Laguna delicacies can still be
found at the public market. Some things never change!

I explore, therefore I blog.


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