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FYI, I got my visa application approved for the SOTM 2011 conf.  I
will start preparing for our (possible) OSM-PH talk.  Any ideas what
we should discuss for this year in behalf of the osm-ph community?

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 12:18 PM, maning sambale
<emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com> wrote:
> FYI,
> The old nominees for the past SOTM scholarships are: Maning, Eugene and Murlwe
> Maning and Eugene are interested to try their luck again this time.
> Murlwe declined due to personal commitments.  If there are others
> interested to participate as an OSM-PH representative for this
> scholarship,  please tell us, as we prepare the nominations letter.
> Of course you can nominate yourself and send them directly to the
> scholarship organizers.
> On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 10:18 PM, Eugene Alvin Villar <seav80 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Andre,
>> I agree that it's a bit tight. But I asked my officemate who went to
>> the US last year and he said that he had a rush US visa application
>> since he has a conference to attend in connection with his MBA. He got
>> his appointment schedule in 2 weeks and the processing took 1 week.
>> So maybe it's possible. :-)
>> Eugene
>> On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 4:32 PM, Andre Marcelo-Tanner
>> <andre at enthropia.com> wrote:
>>> Wow, when are they gonna decide
>>> does anyone already have a US visa?
>>> <3 months to get a visa isnt the best timetable :)
>>> On 3:59 AM, maning sambale wrote:
>>>> Hoping we can finally send a Filipino rep.
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>>>> From: Coast, Hurricane<hurricane.coast at mapquest.com>
>>>> Date: Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 4:35 AM
>>>> Subject: [OSM-talk] Scholarship program to State of the Map 2011
>>>> To: "talk at openstreetmap.org"<talk at openstreetmap.org>
>>>> The State of the Map Committee is excited to announce a program to
>>>> cover full travel and accommodations costs for mappers to attend State
>>>> of the Map 2011 in Denver, Colorado (United States). We’re seeking
>>>> nominations from the community for potential mappers.
>>>> We are seeking people from places where costs would prohibit
>>>> attendance, developing countries, and places that are “interesting”
>>>> geopolitically. The ideal candidates for funding are from countries
>>>> with a small OSM community, perhaps just a few mappers in total. They
>>>> have made a significant start at mapping their city, either through
>>>> imagery or with their own GPS, and are directly familiar with the
>>>> process of OSM. They may have started communicating among themselves,
>>>> and made plans and scoped out the process for their local district.
>>>> But, the community is nowhere near critical mass, and they need the
>>>> inspiration and support to take OSM to the next level.
>>>> We need to act fast! State of the Map is just over 3 and a half months
>>>> away, tickets and visas need to be arranged. In order to allow enough
>>>> time for all the arrangements, the nomination period will be short,
>>>> and ending at Sunday, June 25th. The number of scholarships rewarded
>>>> will be based on the success of fund-raising. From the nominations
>>>> received, we’ll review and invite scholars in late June.
>>>> Please send your nominations to scholarship at stateofthemap.org. For
>>>> each nomination, include the mappers name, OSM user name, email
>>>> address, location, and a paragraph or two on why they’d be great to
>>>> have at SOTM. Self nominations are accepted.
>>>> Please forward this message to other relevant local OSM and mapping
>>>> lists and social media!
>>>> As for regions, here are a few regions that seem to fit the bill, but
>>>> nominations are not limited to these places at all.
>>>> Eastern and Southern Europe: Belarus, Kosovo, Bulgaria
>>>> Arab States: Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan
>>>> Asia: Nepal, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia
>>>> Latin America: Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala
>>>> Africa: Liberia, Ivory Coast, Swaziland
>>>> Sponsor-a-Mapper
>>>> In previous years there has been a scholarship program to help mappers
>>>> who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend get to State of the Map. This
>>>> year we are announces an “Sponsor-A-Mapper” program. There are plenty
>>>> of deserving individuals from all of the world that can’t afford to
>>>> attend SotM. To help them be able to come join the community in person
>>>> in Denver why don’t you consider paying to cover a portion of the cost
>>>> of their ticket?
>>>> We are attempting to raise an average of $2,500 USD per mapper in
>>>> order to be sure to cover their costs. This will vary slightly by
>>>> transportation costs depending from where the select scholarships are
>>>> traveling.
>>>> The more money we raise the more mappers we can sponsor!
>>>> To Sponsor-a-Mapper please email scholarship at stateofthemap.org
>>>> Thank you!
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