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Some of you maybe interested.  I'll try to check out the exhibit in Gateway.

On Dec 3, 2011 12:53 PM, "paul" <paulalundberg at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear Maning,
> On Monday there will be some celebrations of International Volunteer Day.
 I thought you or some of your OSM colleagues might be interested to go and
take part since I remember you telling me there are over 800 OSM volunteers
in the Philippines. The afternoon program will be nearer to you in Cubao.
I will be going to the morning in Ortigas.
> I am going in particular because I will be writing a paper for UNDP in
January on an integrated approach to local governance and local development
and I intend to incorporate the idea of the UN making greater use of local
volunteer mapping groups to fill the gap in local knowledge.
> All the best,
> Paul Lundberg
> Dear UN Country team and colleagues ,
> Invitation
> International Volunteer Day 2011 & 10th Anniversary of the International
Year of Volunteers (IYV+10) on December 5, 2011
> After we successfully celebrate the IYV+10 this year with your valuable
support, we would like to invite you all finally to join us our annual
International Volunteer Day to be celebrated on December 5, 2011 through
the following initiatives including the 1st UNV Alumni Home Coming Day!
> 1. National Conference on Volunteerism, the launch of the 1st State of
the World Volunteerism Report and the 1st Philippine Country Report at
Richmonde Hotel, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City from 9am to
> *Official Invitation were sent and confirmed by PNVSCA. For any
inquiries, please refer to PNVSCA directly. For inquiries to UNV, please
contact unvgroup.ph at undp.org
> 2. Bayanihan Exhibit “Bayanihan Tayo! Para sa MDGs” & UNV Alumni 1st Home
Coming Day , showcasing the work of volunteers for the Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs) sharing lives of people and communities by UNV,
CDRC and IYV+10 Partners at Sining Kamalig, Gateway 4th Floor, Cubao,
Quezon City, from 1:30pm to 2:30pm,
> -UNV Philippines and CDRC in partnership with IYV+10 Partners are
inviting you to submit your organizations’ Best Volunteering Moments for
promoting the achievements of MDGs through your photos and send it to
unvgroup.ph at undp.org and volunteeringmatters at unvlunteers.org
> The deadline of submission is on or before December 4. Selected Photos
will be showcased at Gateway, 4th Floor, 2011, while other photos will be
also highlighted through slide shows/presentations. IYV+10 Partners are
also enjoined to showcase its PR materials such as tarps, posters,
brochures among others.
> -UNV is also globally engaging with the Campaign: Volunteering Matters!
Light-Up Our World for IVD 2011. Please see below “UNV’s 2011 IVD Campaign
-Volunteering Matters” and join us help light up the world with photos of
volunteers in action!
> - -UNV Alumni are invited to join the launch with the distinguished
guests and volunteers in the Philippines.
> We will have the quick reunion moment with you and will proceed to House
of Representatives for the next initiatives: Bayanihan Congress!
> -If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at
unvgroup.ph at undp.org through our UNV Alumni Focal Point Gloria, Nowel an
Ethel for
> Filipino UNV Colleagues, and Akiko of UNVFU for International UNV Alumni
and Colleagues. Thank you.
> 3. Bayanihan Congress, more than 1000 volunteers and partners are
enjoined to participate in the Plenary Session at the House of
Representatives to officially adopt the House Resolution No. 1774:
“Resolution Expressing the Appreciation of the House of Representatives for
the Significant Role of Volunteers in Nation-Building and Enjoining the
Public to Organize and Support the Meaningful Celebration this Year of the
10th Anniversary of the Year of Volunteers (IYV+10)” at the Batasan Hills,
Quezon City, from 4pm to 6pm
> -House of Representatives is inviting more than 1000 volunteers to this
events. Please send confirmation of attendance with list of participants
from your organization and your volunteers by December 4, 2011.
> -The participants are requested to wear their organizational uniform to
identify their affiliation for promoting volunteerism-Bayanihan.
> -Please be at the Plenary Hall by 3:30pm as no entry will be allowed
after 4pm for attending the session.
> -Please observe a proper attire as security will not allow participants
in shorts, sandals, or sandos, among others.
> -UNV Alumni are invited to join the launch with the distinguished guests
and volunteers in the Philippines to support the policy on volunteerism for
various initiatives in the Philippines.
> 4. Bayanihan Concert “Bayanihan Matters!”, to share and experience the
culture and arts of Bayanihan in the Philippines, at Gateway 4th Floor,
Cubao, Quezon City, from 6:30pm onwards
> -UNV Philippines and CDRC in partnership with IYV+10 Partners are
inviting you to join the final celebration of IYV+10 with arts and music of
Bayanihan. -
> -If interested in joining the final jamming session for Bayanihan
Matters! para sa MDGs, please send email to unvgroup.ph at undp.org on or
before December 4, 2011
> - IYD+10 Partners are also enjoined to showcase its PR materials such as
tarps, posters, brochures among others at the venue.
> -UNV Alumni are invited to join and have informal gathering with UNV and
IYV+10 Partners for final celebration.
> December is IYV+10 month for recognition and finale of IYV+10 as planned
in our Indicative Action Plan as well as National Volunteer Month to be
celebrated in the Philippines.
> Globally, the adoption of new UN Resolution on volunteerism and IYV+10
have been discussed and the IYV+10 Partners in the Philippines also kindly
supported various initiatives from President Proclamation and House
resolution to various volunteering in action in the field.
> This momentum will serve as a venue for all partners to revisit a number
of volunteer initiatives taken this year to support achieving the MDGs by
2015 and sustain efforts in the country through fostering public-private
partnership for better future for all.
> We would appreciate receiving your confirmation of attendance by
receiving email at unvgroup.ph at undp.org / unvfu.ph at undp.org or call (02)
901-0453 on or before December 4, 2011.
> *If interested in volunteering for IVD 2011, please contact us at
unvgroup.ph at undp.org on or before December 4, 2011.
> Thank you very much for your valuable support for IYV+10 in the
Philippines. We wish you all a happy IVD 2011!
> Yours sincerely,
> UNV Philippines IVD 2011 team
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