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hahaha, true!  the opinions would stem from how they are likely to
interpret the - (dash).  If they take it to mean as "to"  as in, Los Banos
to Calamba, then we will have to be direction sensitive here ... mid-way
renaming may be a good move.

Though, normally, afaik, the "direction" of National Highways is computed
relative to its radial direction from kilometer 0 in Manila.  Travelers
would notice this behavior and how the kilometer post distances (total
distance, not inter-town distance) increases as its location gets farther
away from Manila.  I.e., say town A is radially nearer to Manila than town
B, the kilometer posts kinda gives the hint that the road is from town A to
town B and not town B to town A.  So, I guess a case like Los Banos and
Calamba,  it would be okay to simply call it Calamba - Los Banos.

  Anyway, it may still be a good idea to split hairs, ah I mean, split
roads :>)


On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 3:56 PM, Jim Morgan <jim at datalude.com> wrote:

> OK, well just to split hairs a bit here ... which is what this list is all
> about ... :-)
> So you have a road between Calamba and Los Banos for example. Do you name
> it Calamba - Los Banos road, or Los Banos - Calamba Road? I guess people in
> both towns would have strong opinions about this! Or do you split it
> roughly half way, and call it both, depending on what town you're nearest?
> I guess that would make more sense, but its more hassle to implement.
> Another thought. Do you just do this at the town level? How about if
> there's a village on the way? Or a road connecting two villages?
> I'm still of the opinion than any information at all is better than no
> information, but these seem like protocols worth hashing out.
> Won't be able to make the mapping thing tomorrow unfortunately, but have
> fun, and have a great Christmas/Festive Season/<insert Politically correct
> name here> all!
> Jim
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