[talk-ph] ALOS AV2 imagery from Sentinel Asia in Northern Mindanao Philippines

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Fri Dec 23 06:08:44 GMT 2011

Dear hotties and osm-phers,

Sentinel Asia has publicly available pre and post disaster imagery in
Northern Mindanao [0].  While the imagery is not of street-level
resolution, they are much more recent (2010).  Bing's imagery in
Cagayan de Oro is dated 2007.

2 sets of imagery are available in Relief Map Warper [1]:
 - JAXA ALOS Pan-Sharpened 05/06/2010 ALOS AV2  -
 - JAXA ALOS AV2 March-April 2010 - http://maps.nypl.org/relief/layers/19

More GCPs can improve rectification accuracy (please add more) but
visually checking on the initial output, it's fairly useable for
tracing additional roads, rivers and landuse.  Relief warper is having
issues with cropping/masking the image so mappers may need to get the
individual wms link in the Export tab (for JOSM underlay) instead of
the layer WMS URL.

[0] https://sentinel.tksc.jaxa.jp/sentinel2/thumbnailEmob.action?subset_name=Emergency+Observation&requestId=ERPHMO000004
[1] http://maps.nypl.org/relief

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