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Use this map to browse for hi-res bing imagery.  Once an area was
viewed at zoom 14 or higher the updated coverage overlay will be
visible even at lower zooms.

So far, I triggered several renders in Mindanao:

I also discovered updates in Zambo Basilan area:

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I have noticed mappers make various attempts to map coverage of Bing
high resolution imagery. Some drawed areas around the imagery and
stuffed them into relations, others created xml files etc. etc. (see
the wiki page [1])
I thought that a world coverage map wasn't feasible with those
methods, so I took Martijn van Exel's Bing analyzer and tweaked in a
way that it creates a simple red/green map of hires coverage
(green=hires available, red=hires not available).
You will see that only a few spots have been rendered so far, but that
is due to the way it works: You must zoom in to a hires zoom level in
order to trigger the rendering. Try it out:


[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bing/Coverage

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