[talk-ph] Fwd: incorrect road map in QC

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 14:48:34 GMT 2011

I got a message from a gps user.  Maybe a mapping party in the area
can improve it a bit?

My response:
Thanks for the feedback.  As you maybe aware, we rely on volunteers
(like what you did in Paranaque) to improve the data.  Very few
mappers are in Caloocan hence the poor quality.  Overtime we will
improve them.  Keep on mapping!

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Subject: incorrect road map in QC
To: emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com

Good afternoon.  I just wish to inform you that the roadmap around the
area where Eternal Gardens Memorial Park in Caloocan is very
incorrect.  I checked this against Googel Earth and the roadways are
mostly wrong.

I guess many of your map's users would appreciate it if someone could
review this particular area and draw the roads and label them
correctly so that our GPS machines can do their work better.

On my part, I've already put in changes in the OSM map for the
Paranaque area where I live.  These changes are already reflected in
the latest maps for download.

I wish you more power to the work you're doing!

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