[talk-ph] Garminasus A50 and Maning's OSM-Gamin-files

sorabsuperstar at web.de sorabsuperstar at web.de
Thu Jan 13 14:03:24 GMT 2011

Hi all (particularly maning)

I just installed Maning's OSM-Garmin-file conversion ([http://esambale.wikispaces.com/osmphil_garmin]) on my new A50 (the Gaminasus Android phone).
And - Hooray - it works. Kudos to Maning, Garmin and Asus. The A50 acts like any other Garmin device in terms of ./map/gsuppmap.img

However what I observed is that there is a huge number of placetags recognized as "Cities". Not only each Brgy and subdivisions thereof, but even single buildings with names.
In result the phone apparently can't handle the data flood and indexes only the first few hundred entrees for each initial letter. E.g. for "M" from "M'lang, North Cotabato" to "Maharlika".
Did anyone observe the same on Garmin devices? Any idea how to fix it?


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