[talk-ph] Garminasus A50 and Maning's OSM-Gamin-files

Soeren Rabenstein sorabsuperstar at web.de
Fri Jan 14 15:38:53 GMT 2011

>Style details here:

I assume this includes both, the features on the map and those that will be indexed by a Gamin device?
In any case, I also tried some OSM-Garmin files from other areas (Europe), and here the index is working properly. Maybe the problem is somewhere else?

Btw: Today I packed the PH-map in mapsource with a different .typ files. Quite nice one, it looks like a typical topographic map and includes elevation contour (I attached it)
However with that one I have the 'Ondoy-bug' again, where large parts of landmass e.g. in the Laguna area are rendered as water. I remember that we had similar problems in Mapnik and/or Osma a few years back.
Any ideas?

Also does anyone know how to disable the night view (backgrounds being blackened in the night)? It might be very useful for car navigation, but as a MRT and bicycle rider I would like to keep bright backgrounds in the night. I assumed it was done by the .typ file and I used this tool :[http://ati.land.cz/gps/typdecomp/editor.cgi] to export the typ file with day-colors only, but it did not change anything.

>Glad your back :).  FYI, Soeren was one of the mappers who started our
>great coverage in Makati

I am not exactly back, but I was never so far away neither. I am based in Taipei now (a true OSM desert :( OSM-Philippines is far ahead of Taiwan). But I am back in the Philippines quite often, because my family is still there.

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