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Hoping we can finally send a Filipino rep.

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Subject: [OSM-talk] Scholarship program to State of the Map 2011
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The State of the Map Committee is excited to announce a program to
cover full travel and accommodations costs for mappers to attend State
of the Map 2011 in Denver, Colorado (United States). We’re seeking
nominations from the community for potential mappers.

We are seeking people from places where costs would prohibit
attendance, developing countries, and places that are “interesting”
geopolitically. The ideal candidates for funding are from countries
with a small OSM community, perhaps just a few mappers in total. They
have made a significant start at mapping their city, either through
imagery or with their own GPS, and are directly familiar with the
process of OSM. They may have started communicating among themselves,
and made plans and scoped out the process for their local district.
But, the community is nowhere near critical mass, and they need the
inspiration and support to take OSM to the next level.

We need to act fast! State of the Map is just over 3 and a half months
away, tickets and visas need to be arranged. In order to allow enough
time for all the arrangements, the nomination period will be short,
and ending at Sunday, June 25th. The number of scholarships rewarded
will be based on the success of fund-raising. From the nominations
received, we’ll review and invite scholars in late June.

Please send your nominations to scholarship at stateofthemap.org. For
each nomination, include the mappers name, OSM user name, email
address, location, and a paragraph or two on why they’d be great to
have at SOTM. Self nominations are accepted.

Please forward this message to other relevant local OSM and mapping
lists and social media!

As for regions, here are a few regions that seem to fit the bill, but
nominations are not limited to these places at all.

Eastern and Southern Europe: Belarus, Kosovo, Bulgaria
Arab States: Tunisia, Bahrain, Jordan
Asia: Nepal, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia
Latin America: Argentina, Bolivia, Guatemala
Africa: Liberia, Ivory Coast, Swaziland


In previous years there has been a scholarship program to help mappers
who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend get to State of the Map. This
year we are announces an “Sponsor-A-Mapper” program. There are plenty
of deserving individuals from all of the world that can’t afford to
attend SotM. To help them be able to come join the community in person
in Denver why don’t you consider paying to cover a portion of the cost
of their ticket?

We are attempting to raise an average of $2,500 USD per mapper in
order to be sure to cover their costs. This will vary slightly by
transportation costs depending from where the select scholarships are

The more money we raise the more mappers we can sponsor!

To Sponsor-a-Mapper please email scholarship at stateofthemap.org

Thank you!

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