[talk-ph] counting roads honoring Rizal

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 11:50:09 BST 2011

I have this hunch that the name Rizal (our national hero) is the most
popular street name in the Philippines.  So I counted. On first pass,
I have this results:

Top names on highway ways:
frequency name
 164 "Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway"
 154 "Floodway B"
 130 "National Highway"
 114 "MacArthur Highway"
 111 "Pan-Philippine Highway"
 105 "Sampaguita"
  87 "Road"
  85 "North Luzon Expressway"
  84 "Jose Abad Santos Avenue"

It turned out we have several variations of the Rizal's names 44 in
all.  Some example below:
J. P. Rizal, Rizal, JP Rizal, J.P. Rizal, José Rizal Avenue, Rizal
Extension, Rizal Drive, J.P. Rizal Street, Avenida Rizal, Rizal Ave

So I counted again. We have 242 highway segments that has the word
Rizal and its various combinations.  ~143.66 KM or 0.18% of all roads
in OSM.

Happy 150th birthday Dr. Jose Rizal!  I was just playing around with
nix shell and perl. ;)
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