[talk-ph] Recording POI's with a camera

tutubi tutubi at backpackingphilippines.com
Tue Mar 15 03:56:44 GMT 2011

geotaggging, something i was looking for last year but found the
add-on expensive

i did some sort of crude mapping last weekend. while looking for some
shops on Roosevelt Ave, QC, i took pictures of the road and signages
so that i don't have to make mental notes...
several shops visited while wifey did some shopping...

On 3/15/11, Ian Haylock <haylockid at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> You probably know this already, but I only discovered it a few weeks ago.
> I knew if you had a digital camera with GPS that you could load pictures
> from it into JOSM and the would apear at the correct location on the map.
> What I did not realize was that you can also use a digital camera even if it
> doesn't have a built in GPS receiver. This is because the camera records the
> time that the picture was taken.
> To make this work you need to start your GPS recording. Then just take
> photo's of any POI's that take your fancy.
> When you get home load the recorded track into JOSM.
> Then right click on the GPS layer (in the layer list), and import the
> photo's you took on the trip.
> The POI photo's are then imported at the correct location on the map.
> If the locations are slightly off, they can be manually adjusted, by
> adjusting the time offset.
> This could save a lot of note taking on mapping parties, as you could just
> take a photo of a road, and later use that to enter details of road type,
> surface type, etc.
> I find this technique works well riding shotgun in a car when on some
> mundane trip  to the supermarket,as it enables me to record subdivision
> names, road names, etc without having to stop at each location.
> Cheers Ian

I explore, therefore I blog.


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