[talk-ph] bataan provincial highway as dual carriageway?

tutubi tutubi at backpackingphilippines.com
Thu Mar 17 03:36:39 GMT 2011

I was looking at the map to Bataan just looking for a resort there to
be visited next month and I ntoiced the road from Dinalupihan exit of
SCTEx leading to Balanga and Mt Samat is a dual-carriageway...I don't
remember it as such when i visited mt samat in 2009.

maybe there's only a particular segment that's a dual carriageway, but
not the entire length.

one other major road like this is MacArthur Highway from Monumento,
though it's the opposite. It's a dual from Monumento up to Marulas but
not sure where it will turn to a single carriageway somewhere in

I hope to correct the map before I go there so I can already check
routing to Bataan via NLEx and SCTEx.

any inputs?


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