[talk-ph] Provincial relations ( no not your far away relatives :-) )

Eugene Alvin Villar seav80 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 16:35:56 BST 2011

Hi Ian,

On Sun, Mar 27, 2011 at 10:54 PM, Ian Haylock <haylocki at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> 4. When you moved the QC-Rizal boundary to Marikina River
>> (which I'm
>> not sure is really correct)
> Well it seemed more logical, as lots of the boundaries seem to follow rivers and streams.

While it seems logical, it's not always the case. Many boundaries
don't follow any natural feature. Quezon City's map
suggests that the boundary in that area is a straight line and not the
Marikina River. This map of neighboring San Mateo
,http://www.batangsanmateo.com/map/index.htm> also suggests that the
boundary is a straight line.

>> I've fixed that, though research is needed to correctly determine if the boundary is indeed on the Marikina River.
> Where can one find such info, without visiting the local town hall ?

Sometimes the local government unit's website have maps or a
geographical description where you can get the info to draw the
boundaries. There's also gadm.org, but the boundaries there for the
Philippines are pretty bad (and are licensed non-commercial so we
couldn't use them anyway).

>> 5. Davao City is not part of Davao del Sur (though they're
>> often
>> grouped together).
>> 6. Zamboanga City is not part of Zamboanga Sibugay.
> Feel free to create a boundary around the cities to separate them. Someone already did this with Tagatay City.
>> Regarding #5 and #6 above, I think that highly-urbanized
>> cities (like
>> Baguio) and independent cities (like Cotabato) should be
>> considered
>> outside the province admin boundary relations since these
>> cities are
>> completely independent of any province administratively.
>> But until we
>> have accurate city/municipal boundaries, I guess the
>> current situation can exist.
> Hey, the boundary around Tagatay City is just a square box, not exactly what I'd call accurate, but hey it's a wiki, someone can improve it later.

Tagaytay's boundaries is in reality pretty rectangular and what's in
OSM is probably accurate to within a kilometer. :-) But Tagaytay is
neither highly urbanized nor independent so they're properly within
Cavite's boundaries.

>> BTW, it seems that some of your admin relation edits is
>> just
>> rearrangement of the ways so that they're in order? While
>> this is
>> nice, it's not necessary since all the renderers that I
>> know of can
>> handle out-of-order ways.
> Ah, but as I'm not a computer I can't tell if the boundary is complete or broken unless they are arranged in order. So once this is done, I thought I might as well upload the boundary again. It also gives me a record as to which boundaries I've already edited, as it gets quite confusing in Manila.

We could use Keep Right to monitor incomplete and broken boundaries
since it can detect them.


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