[talk-ph] Municipality and barangay boundaries in OSM ph?

"Snorre D. Øverbø" snorre at overbo.no
Mon Apr 9 19:29:56 BST 2012

Hi guys,

I'm looking at the basic OSM map, and I see that it has (more og less 
complete?) administrative boundaries on province level.
It looks like the dataprovider for the provincial boundaries are NAMRIA, 
The National Mapping and Resource Information Authority, (tag 
Source=NAMRIA topo)

My interest is primarily Western Mindanao, and I as far as I can see, 
OSM lacks data on administrative boundaries below province level, e.g. 
municipaiity and barangay there. Maybe thats the case in for the rest of 
the Philippines too?

It would have been really cool if we could add more administrative 
boundaries in OSM. Could it in some way be possible to have NAMRIA 
provide OSM with administrative boundary data? Do you have knowledge on 
their policy on distributing map data? National mapping authorities in 
many european countries have made such content free and reuseable for 
all.(open access)


Snorre D. Øverbø

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