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An interesting tech development in the humanitarian osm team. They call it
separate data store (sds) it is a db server that stores additional osm tags
separately from the main osm db. This way, you can add additional tags in
the osm features which are then stored in a separate db.  A josm plugin is
also provided so that editing these tags are similar to josm's editing

Some useful applications can be:
1. You are an lgu and wants to collect data from your constituents i.e.
names of residents, demographic info, etc. The address info goes to osm,
the individual info goes to your sds instance.

2. A real state company.  The buildings data goes to osm, specific building
info to sds.

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SDS (Separate Data Store) is a great solution for this problem

The arhitecture includes one separate server (link to github
and a JOSM plugin. With the plugin you can add private tags to existing
ways and nodes. The tags are stored on your server and are linked to osm

The announcement and a short description on josm mailing

Unfortunately, I can't find the plugin in JOSM right now, but that is
probably a temporary problem.

Janko Mihelić

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