[talk-ph] Namria data

Mark Cupitt markcupitt at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 05:46:48 BST 2012

Hi all, i am playing with a proof of concept project in western negros,
testing some new technology we developed.

I need to find the namria survey markers in that area and the information
for each marker

The area is between bayawan in negros oriental and sipalay in negros

The project is related to getting accurate mean sea levels and tying to
namria survey points. We want to see how arbitary the namria markers are
and what the differences are from wgs84

Does any one know whe i can get a list. We will need to go to a selected
few markers so finding them is the first challange, then we need the
accurate location, especially height and when it was calculated

Been a couple of earthquakes lately, so it might be interesting to see the


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