[talk-ph] Be careful with unaligned Bing imagery!

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Agreed. Also consider reading this page:

On the other hand, I know many of us travel a lot around the country  so I
assume we know the basic highway class to trace. If in doubt, use the
highway=road tag.
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> Hi guys,
> With all of the new Bing imagery that's available, I'd like to remind
> everyone to be careful with unaligned Bing imagery.
> Here's an example showing how two different satellite images are not
> aligned with each other (look at the LBC roof sign):
> http://mvexel.dev.openstreetmap.org/bingimageanalyzer/?lat=14.517377504551362&lon=121.00218251959474&zoom=18
> Obviously, one (and likely both) of the images is not positioned
> correctly. This shows that Bing's imagery (and even Google's) is not
> always aligned or positioned very accurately. There may be an offset
> of up to 10 meters.
> If there are multiple GPS traces in the area, you should use them to
> align the satellite imagery first before tracing buildings, roads, and
> other features. You can average multiple GPS traces to get a good
> enough positional accuracy and Potlatch, Merkaartor, and JOSM all
> support manually moving the background imagery to the correct
> position.
> If there are no available GPS traces, then it's acceptable to trace
> the Bing imagery directly. Someone can realign the map later on when
> GPS traces would become available.
> For more information, please check out this e-mail that I sent last year:
> http://www.mail-archive.com/talk-ph@openstreetmap.org/msg02829.html
> Happy tracing!!! :)
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