[talk-ph] Some new online map stuff

Eugene Alvin Villar seav80 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 19 14:44:44 BST 2012

Hi guys,

Here are a few interesting OSM-related online map stuff that appeared
so far this July.

1. MapBox and foursquare team up to help map cities in OSM.

Earlier this year, foursquare switched from using Google Maps API to
MapBox and using OSM data. Consequently, some people from foursquare
teamed up with people from MapBox to map lots of cities in OSM. Here's
a blog post talking about their progress:

The blog post also points to this cool visualization of the OSM data
(kinda like my node density map) versus the check ins that have been
registered in foursquare: http://mapbox.com/foursquare-checkins/

It's interesting to see the correlation between population density,
OSM data density, and foursquare activity in this way. :)

2. MapBox releases terrain layer

MapBox has not only been helping out foursquare, they have also been
busy improving their service. A recent development they have added is
to roll out a nice terrain layer:

Here's an example map using the layer:

Now I'm waiting for Stamen Design to roll out worldwide their own
terrain layer (which is currently only rendered for the US):

3. Skobbler releases a nifty OSM web map

Skobbler, which creates mobile GPS routing apps, has released a web
map that uses OSM data. The web map has quite a lot of features such
as search, drag-and-drop routing, and with their own cartography:

The neat feature that I like is the POI layers. Zoom into a particular
area of interest and you can click on POI icons to display on the map
the POIs that are visible in the current map view.

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