[talk-ph] BGC C-5 flyover

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 11:39:36 GMT 2012

This is a good workaround for unnamed road segments  but I'm not sure
if this the correct osm-way of things.
> i used similar conventions like the 32nd street - c5 flyover, using the name
> of the first street followed by a dash then
> the name of the second street. I also used names of u-turn slots (many of
> them on edsa, shaw, and quezon ave that used to have no names

This is an osmph garmin map issue, we used the generic "7-11" icons
for shop=grocer.  Suggestions for a better icon style welcome.
> on another note, since i use my unit zoomed in to reveal POIs, there's this
> annoying 7-Eleven
> icon that indicates small convenience store that's actually Mini-stop. is
> this a Nuvi problem or a map
> problem?

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