[talk-ph] Garmin map icon for convenience stores

Rally de Leon ralleon at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 19:00:28 GMT 2012

hehe, i was the one who made this personal old icon inspired by
Malsingmap's 7-11 icon to represent Convenience Store.

the decision was based on the limitation by Garmin's assignments of
Hex Codes to represent/differentiate the stores where we buy our
1. Convenience Store (referring to 24-hour convenience store found in
Gas Stations in USA. that's what Garmin had in mind)
2. Generic Market/Grocery (local grocery or foodmarts, wetmarket,
talipapa, small chinese merchandisers, sari-sari store that sells
'tingi-tingi' products)
3. Supermarket (which i decided to assign to a typical hypermarket:
huge grocery stores that also sells school supplies, apparel &
4. Mall (a complex composed of many stores)
5. Department Store (one-stop shop for apparel/appliance/homedecor/etc
minus the groceries)

Most casual travelers (not the adventurous ones) look for 24-hour
convenience store with familiar products/suppliers and other stuffs
such as cellphoneloads/newspaper/icecubes/batteries/cupnoodles/bottledwater/energydrink/hotcoffee/toiletries,
and has an ability to break larger bills anytime of day (eg.
7-Eleven/Ministop/Mighteemart etc).

I needed an intuitive common icon to represent these multi-brand
24-hour convenience stores in PH, that can fit on 16x16 pixels using
basic 256colors - since my target device was a low-res outdoor Garmin
276c 60c/76c. And I also needed to differentiate these from the
countless "daytime sari-sari stores" to reduce clutter during search.

Malsingmap exclusively used 7-11 icon for convenience store. (I'm no
artist) but as a compromise, I just opted to split the icon with two
biggest brands 7-11 & Ministop to associate with a 24hour convenience
store. I then used Garmin's default "grocery cart" icon to represent a
regular talipapa/sari-sari store.This personal TYP file was adapted by
maning when I merged my custom settings with osmphgarmin.

We can always replace a 24hour convenience store by a 'basket' icon or
something. But personally, I tend associate "basket" with "market"
(that's just me), thus used this annoying 7-11/Ministop icon. :-) But
it does the job to quickly tell my brain that it's a
24hour-sari-sari-tourist-friendly store (coz I'd rather search
'visually' when looking for something on low-res none-touchscreen gps
devices than use a joystick to type in each letter in the searchbox).

BTW in most nuvi, you don't even need an icon to search for things
because of excellent searchbox & oncreen keyboard..You can customize
icon with unlimited colors and up to 24x24pixel icon, and all icons
are invisible on the map (no clutter) unless you individually search
for it. In the newer Nuvi models such as 2750, there's totally no need
for custom icons (doesn't show).

Anyway, my idea may already be obsolete. Any new intuitive icon design
is welcome. It's actually easy to customize to improve the TYP file,
and I can teach those not familiar...

Rally :-)

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 12:42 AM, Eugene Alvin Villar <seav80 at gmail.com> wrote:
> <<Subject was "BGC C-5 flyover">>
>> This is an osmph garmin map issue, we used the generic "7-11" icons
>> for shop=grocer.  Suggestions for a better icon style welcome.
>>> on another note, since i use my unit zoomed in to reveal POIs, there's this
>>> annoying 7-Eleven
>>> icon that indicates small convenience store that's actually Mini-stop. is
>>> this a Nuvi problem or a map
>>> problem?
> The current icon for convenience stores in our Garmin map is actually
> a 7-11 and Mini Stop hybrid. The top half represents 7-11 while the
> bottom is for Mini Stop (recognize the colors?)
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