[talk-ph] Booth/exhibit ideas for PhilGEOS symposium

Totor totor_osm at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 15 11:38:59 GMT 2012

I just finished an animation of the (nearly) complete history of edits in Cebu City.
I wanted to make a page describing how I made it before to post it here, but I'll probably not have time the coming weeks.

Feel free to use (and/or modify) any of the following versions as you see fit.

http://osm.totor.ph/aniCebu2.gif (800x600 animation with glow and cc-by-sa attribution, 12Mb)
http://osm.totor.ph/aniCebu2.avi (same in avi format, 3Mb)    
http://osm.totor.ph/aniCebu2-300.gif (smaller gif in 300x225, 2Mb)  

Original animation without effects or attribution:
http://osm.totor.ph/aniCebu.gif (600kb) 



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