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And it's finally over!  New license live in the copyright page:

On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 12:22 AM, Eugene Alvin Villar <seav80 at gmail.com> wrote:
> ODbL-licensed OSM data will arrive Real Soon Now.
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> Subject: [OSM-talk] Change to ODbL imminent
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> Hello OpenStreetMap-pers,
> The change to ODbL is imminent.  No, Really.  We mean it.
> At long last we are at the end of the license change process.  After
> four years of consultation, debate, revision, improvement, revision,
> debate, improvement, implementation, coding and mapping, mapping,
> mapping, it comes down to this final step.  And this final step is an
> easy one, because we have all pitched in to do the hard work in
> advance.  The last step is so easy, it will be a picnic.
> On Wednesday, 12 September 2012[1], generation of the next Planet file
> will begin.  At that point, the API will switch over to ODbL and
> OpenStreetMap will be an ODbL-licensed Open Data project.  API
> transactions and diffs consumed after that point will consist of
> ODbL-licensed OpenStreetMap data.
> About thirty hours later, that newly-generated planet file will be
> available from <a
> href="http://planet.openstreetmap.org/">planet.openstreetmap.org</a>
> for you to consume with your renderers, routers, QA systems,
> convertors and re-imaginers.
> You won't want to mix ODbL diffs with old license planets or diffs.
> Purge and reload your systems with the ODbL planet. Then consume the
> ODbL diffs. Planet will have a new directory structure.  We're taking
> this opportunity to rationalize the layout of planet directories a
> bit. You should find it easier to get understand afterwards.  This
> also means that you won't accidentally mix data of different licenses.
> Mappers
> Mappers shouldn't see a difference and won't have to change their
> mapping.  Continue to improve OpenStreetMap by mapping from your own
> survey observations and using OSM-approved external sources.  Never
> copy from other maps.
> Data consumers
> If you consume <a
> href="http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/ODbL/License_Transition/Guidance_To_Data_Consumers">OpenStreetMap
> data and publish it, we have some guidance for you on the wiki</a>.
> You'll want to consider your obligations under the new license and
> then proceed to purge your old data and switch to the new.  Many
> consumers, such as custom renderers, will only need to update their
> attribution of OpenStreetMap to the new simplified attribution.
> Data consumers may time their upgrades to the new planet and diffs at
> their convenience.
> Best regards and happy mapping,
> The Communication Working Group
> [1] in case of rain, we won't cancel this picnic, just reschedule it
> for the subsequent Wednesday, 19 September 2012.
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