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This has been in my Inbox for more than a year.  Forwarding to the
list for public discussion and next steps.

Data coverage is here:

Incidentally, I found this slide today:

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Date: Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 4:01 PM
Subject: ideas on importing deped schools db to OSM
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Dear Rally and Eugene,

Sharing this to you before sending to the list.

I had a phone conversation with the DepEd Officer who is managing the
the DepEd School Mapping project and they gave a go signal to import
the school point data into OSM.  The data covers 30% of all public
schools in the country.  (See attached sample image).

Summary stats:
Elementary schools: ~12,000 locations
HS: ~2,000

Sample attributes:
  REGION (String) = Region VIII
  DIVISION (String) = Biliran
  DISTRICT (String) = Cabucgayan
  LEGDIST_ID (Integer) = 0
  SCHOOL_ID (String) = 120792
  SCHOOL_NAM (String) = Langgao ES
  X (Real) =      124.612920000000003
  Y (Real) =       11.507650000000000
  NO_STREET (String) = -
  BRGY_CODE (Integer) = 87803008
  BRGY_NAME (String) = Brgy Langgao
  MUNI_CODE (Integer) = 87803000
  MUNI_NAME (String) = Cabucgayan
  PROV_NAME (String) = Biliran
  POINT (124.61292 11.50765)

Any idea on how we can add this to OSM?  What I have in mind are:

* No direct import!  Create subsets of the data and allow individual
mappers to add them.
* How to detect duplicates/existing?
* What tags should be added.  If there is an existing node in OSM
should we update the tags to include other important data from deped?
* How do we "give back" the data to DepEd including our own data from OSM?

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