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As a matter of interest, when travelling to our rendezvous point for the
last mission (libertad) i chose to travel up through the center of Panay to
visually assess the impact of Yolanda (I have a 650 cc Motorbike which
makes traversing these areas easy)

Travelling from South to North, (i used the Mountain road, Sta Barbera,
Cabatuan,  Janiuay, Lambuano, Bingawan, Dumalag)  it was easy to see the
start of the damage and the end. I was staggered by the number of trees and
power lines that were down. Amazingly, at least from what I could see from
the road, something like one out of every 20 houses sustained damage and
one out of 100 houses were destroyed, and honestly, these probably would
have fallen down if you pushed them anyway.

I noticed that the windward side of the hill faces were flat, nothing
standing and that the valleys that were open to the windward side had a lot
of vegetation damage because they acted like a funnel. Probably there were
homes up in there I could not see

Northern Panay will be without power for a long time, it is staggering just
how many power poles were down.

Having said all that, life appeared form the main road to be relatively
normal, kids going to school, sari-sari stores open, etc, buses running, no
road closures that I found.

I saw one Red Cross aid truck handing out what looked like 10Kg bags of
rice to people. Of course, they managed to block the traffic when doing
this, was the only traffic jam I experienced.

The areas we are targeting next are remote and can not be seen from the
main roads. These are the areas that should be focused on, the hills,
valleys and exposed areas with little access. Before Imagery would be
useful in identifying where settlements were, they may be hard to identify
with the vegetation down on the post imagery. Looking closely in the
valleys and windward side of hills may show places that need assistance.


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