[talk-ph] [IMAGERY] 44 WorldView-1 images of Coron, Caluya Islands and South Mindoro available

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgcailton at openstreetmap.fr
Tue Dec 17 19:57:33 UTC 2013


44 WorldView-1 panchromatic images of Busuanga and neighboring islands
(Coron), Caluya Islands and south of Mindoro were taken on 2013-12 14
and 15.

They are under the NextView license, which you must have accepted before
using them.

They are available both in the WMS server and as a TMS layer, the JOSM
URL of which is:


Use source=WorldView-1, DigitalGlobe, NextView, 20131214&15

As usually, adjust the location to other elements before tracing,
specially as the published version did not include the RPCs, which is
the reason why the images are offset between each other.

Many thanks to DigitalGlobe, USGS, HDDS and to all those who contributed
to make them available.

Best wishes,


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