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Wed Jun 12 04:53:18 UTC 2013

Well, there's a loophole in that provision.

If what you get from the government is *pure data* (numerical coordinates,
etc.), then you can't use it in OSM without permission. This is the idea
behind the DepEd and DOH data we are getting/trying to get.

On the other hand, if what you get is an image (e.g., map), then you are
free to take facts that you can see when you look at the image/map. The
Philippine IP Law follows the US IP Code in that facts aren't
copyrightable. You can't use or distribute the map itself for commercial
purposes without permission, or copy the creative aspects of the map (which
are copyrightable) such as colors, styling, cartography, etc. without
permission, for commercial purposes. But you can get facts that you have
interpreted from the image and use that in any manner you choose because
facts aren't copyrightable and the government did not give you that fact

Of course, we can just ask DPWH for permission. There's an email address on
the website: taduran.erlyn at dpwh.gov.ph


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> > on copyright, did you know the work of the government, by law, is not
> covered by copyright unless you use it for profit?
> Which precisely why we can't directly copy from government data unless
> there is explicit permission. OSM encourages commercial use.
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