[talk-ph] Building, Lot and Landuse

Totor totor_osm at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 5 05:11:11 UTC 2013

Hi all,

While checking the edits Cebu City, I found a small problem, where a whole area/lot is mapped as building to make it appear on OSM.

A while ago, another mapper "corrected" one of "my" buildings, to so that it covered the whole lot.

Some others to map big areas as buildings, probably because the name sometimes does not appear on the map for smaller buildings...

So I wanted to make a small guide how to map buildings and how to keep the information of the whole lot (with eventually the name attached), that seems important to some.

I discovered that in fact I don't know how to map a lot. 
I could not find a clear answer in the wiki.

I would just map the lot as "landuse=retail" or "landuse=residential", but that is normally used for big areas, not for individual lots.

Any ideas ?

Here is a webpage with an example picture :



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