[talk-ph] Location of health facilities providing Maternal Care Package on Mindanao Island

Steeve Ebener steeve.ebener at gaia-geosystems.org
Wed May 15 04:54:54 UTC 2013

Dear OSM Members,


The Department of Health of the Philippines is currently engaged in a large
project aiming at updating and georeferencing their National Health Facility
Registry (NHFR,


The DOH will need the good help of many groups and individuals in order to
cover the important gap that still exists in terms of the location of these
facilities. The contribution of OpenStreetMap Members in this regards will
therefore be of great value to the health sector.


We have been discussing this with Maning and Eugene over the past weeks and
have clarified how this would happen on the long term so that both OSM and
the DOH would be benefiting from this collaboration.


As part of this process, we would like to invite you to help the DOH
locating the health facilities providing Maternal Care Package on Mindanao
Island. We are talking about 338 facilities you will find listed in the
following Google spreadsheet:


This would not only fill part of the gap but also allow us to identify what
needs to be done in order to homogenise and connect OSM and DOH databases


What we would therefore need you to do is to look at the above mentioned
spreadsheet and:

1.       Modify the name of the health facility in OSM database to match the
name reported in this spreadsheet if a location has already been collected.
This would allow us to facilitate the connection between both databases;

2.       Collect the lat/long for other facilities not yet in the OSM
database making sure to use the spelling reported in the spreadsheet when
entering the information in the OSM database. We really need the location of
the building here, not an approximation, as this data will also be used for
emergency preparedness and response at some stage;

3.       Report the collected lat/long in the spreadsheet as well so that we
could see how the data collection is progressing.


Please also don't hesitate to share with us any idea/suggestions you could
have in order not only to move faster on this exercise but also for moving
it to the national level at some points.


Many thanks in advance for your contribution to the above, this is just the
start of one more great contribution from OSM to the development of the


Best regards,




Steeve Ebener, Ph.D. 
DOH consultant


P Please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to. Thank you


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