[talk-ph] [IMAGERY] 5 x Landsat 8, 2013-11-12 and 14

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jg_cailton at volunteers.cartong.org
Sun Nov 17 09:04:07 UTC 2013


5 post-disaster Landsat 8 images, in 2 strips covering Romblon,
Marinduque and south of Oriental Mindoro, for one, and Samar, Leyte,
Bohol, and western part of Cebu, are online as wms layers.

To those accustomed to previous generations of Landsat satellites, it
may be surprising how well the roads and villages can be now seen.

Of course, the current priority is to make best use of the recently
opened (for 30 days) DigitalGlobe imagery, but these Landsat images can
be useful outside of their borders, to follow roads, for example.

Note that with its public license, the Astrium imagery can also be
printed, for example as background for thematic maps, and brought in the

The 5 Landsat-8 images are under the same root as before.

To add them into JOSM :

- go to Modify / Preferences

- select the WMS/TMS tab

- click on "+ WMS"

- copy/paste:

under "Enter service URL"

- click on "Get calcs"

- for each layer, click on "Show limits", to see where it is located

- select image/jpeg, which is much nicer on the connection than the
default image/png

- you may leave the default name, or choose one of your own.

Use source=Landsat 8, NASA, USGS, 2013-11-12
for the eastern strip

and source=Landsat 8, NASA, USGS, 2013-11-14
for the western strip

Best wishes,


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