[talk-ph] Integration of OSM data into governmental datasets

Steeve Ebener steeve.ebener at gaia-geosystems.org
Fri Jan 31 10:23:51 UTC 2014

Dear OSM community,


First of all congratulation and thank you for the wonderful work you has
done over the past months to improve the layers over the Regions affected by
typhoon Yolanda.


In view of the value added brought by your work, and the attention it has
raised, I was wondering if there is any plan for the government of the
Philippines to be more proactive in collaborating with you guys on
integrating the OSM dataset into the governmental one.


I am primarily thinking about the road and hydrographic network but this
could very much be extended to other layers as well.


I am asking this because I am currently involved a project aiming at
improving the quality, availability and accessibility of core geospatial
datasets for emergency management and disaster risk reduction and I see the
connection between the government and the Open Data community as key towards
achieving this objective.


We have started working on two countries (The Philippines and Morocco) and
any insight on the above would therefore be much appreciated. I would be
happy sharing information about the project if needed.


Thanks in advance and keep the great work!




Steeve Ebener, Ph.D. 
CEO Gaia GeoSystems

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P Please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to. Thank you


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