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 Drones must be registered, their ‘pilots’ licensed

MANILA, Philippines–The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP)
on Thursday advised model aircraft enthusiasts that drones and other
unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV) must be registered and their controllers

CAAP issued a memorandum circular signed on June 26 reminding officials of
the new provisions under the Philippine Civil Aviation Regulations Part II.

Under the provisions, owners and operators must register their equipment
with CAAP which is the only agency authorized to issue them license to

“Any operator found violating [these] rules will be fined between P300,000
to P500,000 per unauthorized flight, depending on the gravity of the
violations,” the CAAP said in a statement.

Capt. Beda Badiola, assistant director general of CAAP and head of the
flight standard inspectorate service, said reports had reached his office
that drone users in the country are fast increasing as its prices have
started to go down.

A drone can cost roughly P50,000.

But instead of licensed operators, CAAP said drones are mostly used by
photographers, hobbyists, researchers and employees of firms doing geodetic
surveys and media companies.

“Any violation of the said memorandum will be dealt with accordingly,” said
Badiola, whose office oversees and regulates all flight operations of
aircraft manned and unmanned in the Philippines.

He said the aviation body even imposes stiff penalty on violators in
restricted areas like airports, crowded areas and “no fly zone.”

In its memo, CAAP classified the UAV into large, micro and small. Large UAV
are unmanned airship with an envelope capacity greater than 100 cubic
meters while micro UAV means that with a gross weight of 100 grams or less.
A small UAV means an unmanned aircraft that is neither a large UAV nor a
micro UAV.

Owners of these aircraft must obtain a certification from CAAP, the
registration cost of which would still have to be determined by the
aviation body.

“That would normally depend on the gross weight,” Badiola said.


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