[talk-ph] I need a little help with some shape files for the OSM PH Map

Mark Cupitt markcupitt at gmail.com
Tue May 6 07:19:20 UTC 2014

Hi All, I am struggling a little bit with the production of some shape
files for the OSM PH Map, (I am well advanced) and on the home stretch with
the styling for the most of it.

I am finalizing the land and water polys and I am afraid my QGis skills are
not current enough, would someone be able to help me or know someone who

What I need to do is get the OSM Coastline shape files in WGS84 from this


Put a bounding box around the phlippines, a long way out way out so the sea
looks good and chop out the bounding box and make a new shape file

If possible, I would like to have the ocean as polygons and land as
polygons in the same shape file, with fields for eacj poly stating ocean or
land for each so I can style them separately, so it would mean closing the
ocean polygons.

Any help would be very much appreciated, I know I could figure it out, but
I am is Styling Mode and it is probably a simple job for some one who is
very current on Qgis or some other package.


Mark Cupitt

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