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Question about Mapillary.

Is this legal? Privacy wise. I mean license plates and people faces are visible (AFAIK they should be blurred out like Google Street View). I'm not against this. I just want to know if this is safe/legal here. I'm planning on contributing too. 



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I'm slowly uploading geocoded photos from our fieldwork in Leyte-Samar last week.  These photos are mostly the roadtrip part.  Some are crappy, some are nice.  I find it useful to check bridge names, schools and other roadside POIs.

You can use it to validate some areas we mapped during the Yolanda response.
Image sequence are available in my mapillary page [0].  For a tutorial on how to use the images in iD or JOSM, follow this nice post [1] from MapBox.

A few more GBs to come.

[0] http://www.mapillary.com/profile/maning
[1] https://www.mapbox.com/blog/mapillary-mapping/
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