[talk-ph] Let's talk about Daang Maharlika Highway (Asian Highway 26)

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Fri Feb 27 17:29:18 UTC 2015

I edited one ref at EDSA with 2 values of "ref=1;AH26".

Rendering in Mapnik is not bad actually - which somehow approximate the
looks of the physical marker
It makes the Route 1 bigger and more visible, befitting for it's status as
the country's primary backbone, well considering that the earlier single
digit "1" route marker was the smallest icon.

I will do the rest of EDSA later (or somebody else). Proceeding with
caution (EDSA only), wait until I can get confirmation that the
double-value ref will not mess up rendering of the majority of mapping ups
on smartphones. as it may not be worth it at the moment :-)

On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 9:32 PM, Rally de Leon <ralleon at gmail.com> wrote:

> I will first assume that DPWH's Philippine National Highway Network (NHN)
> map as current and official information:
> https://dpwh.maps.arcgis.com/apps/OnePane/basicviewer/index.html?appid=4b48284a409844fab6876aa77be8bf58#
> Is the "Route 1" referred in above map exactly equals AH26 updated route?
> Because, according to DPWH Department Order N0.15-2009:
> http://www.dpwh.gov.ph/pdf/issuances/DO/09/DO_015_S2009.pdf which
> requires the DPWH to install "Route Markers" along Asian Higway (AH26)
> route "comprising MOSTLY segments of the Daang Maharlika commences from
> Laoag City and finally ends at the international seaport in Zamboanga City"
> -->take note of the word MOSTLY, which possibly means "not all" of Daang
> Maharlika. So which which? (best evidence is EDSA - AH26 was rerouted from
> an original alignment)
> So until verified on actual AH26 signboards in the field, map tracers may
> still assume it's aligned to the common Maharlika Highway as we originally
> know, as written on roadsigns, or as indicated on DPWH's NHN Route map.
> -----------------------------
> About the official name (observations):
> 1. I already saw a couple of old signboards on the road and heard from
> locals the name Maharlika Highway (particularly in the Laguna and Quezon
> area),
> 2. I have seen many articles referring to AH26 as the "Daang Maharlika
> Highway" or its acronym/short_name DMH mentioned in some govt contracts,
> and also the official shortened name "Daang Maharlika"
> 3. BUT I have yet to see an old existing road sign that says "Pan
> Philippine Highway" or any relatively new article using said "Pan
> Philippine Highway" that was not based (or influenced) by the wiki article
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan-Philippine_Highway#References. What era
> was Pan-Philippine Highway
> Can somebody change the wiki article's title from "Pan-Philippine Highway"
> to the officially recognized and used "Daang Maharlika" or "Daang Maharlika
> Highway"; and just refer to the former as a historical trivia or as an
> alternative name?
> --------------------
> Re: EDSA and C-4 use on ref tag
> I learned from certain edits of user:joyvious324 that putting two values
> of ref is officially recognized and rendered on mapnik. I also happen to
> like the looks and functional (on mapnik) but I don't know if it will mess
> up Garmin ref rendering and on my favorite Maps.me apps.
> (eg. on EDSA's route marker C-4 on top of "1" using ref=C-4;1)
> Proposal (to use 2 values on ref) instead of ref=1 and int_ref=AH26:
> -Calling said road as C-4 is more of a trivial/historical thing, than
> being more useful info in giving direction, when you are actually referring
> to the world famous EDSA (except for the northernmost portion of this road
> called C-4 for lack of name);
> and because of the fact that we are being ordered to use both Route 1 and
> AH26 per compliance with DPWH D.O.15-2009, and as evidenced by the physical
> route marker already placed along EDSA
> see picture on:  http://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/iq/74846-ah26-road-sign
> I would like to propose that we experiment the use of "ref=1;AH26" tag (at
> least on EDSA for about 1 to 2 months pending observation if it well mess
> up the rendering in Garmin and other smartphone apps. :-)
> --------------
> Relevance of this topic (AH26) was the Mamasapano Incident, wherein the
> main Mamasapano Highway was referred to a possibly erroneous name
> "Maharlika Highway" by many Senators and was already put on official
> records on Senate investigation. (basing on Google Map data and also
> previously on OSM which were both based on the wiki Pan Philippine Highway
> which may still be referring to the old AH26 alignment or a wrong info). In
> th future, the readers of this Senate report will be confused looking at a
> different road, which will not correspond to the new updated data on our
> digital maps (google or osm).
> There's a need for us to update and/or verify changes in the official
> routes of all other primary and secondary roads.
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