[talk-ph] best practice for village admin_centre relations

Rally de Leon ralleon at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 06:35:40 UTC 2015

- What's the best practice for adding admin_centre nodes to the village
boundary relation? Should it be the barangay hall (amenity=townhall)
or the place=village node?

For place nodes, a good practice IMHO is putting said node (eg.
somewhere NEAR but NOT ON an "object or group of objects" which
represents the center of the village, typically any of the following:
  -barangay hall
  -village plaza (eg. where there's a multipurpose hall or basketball
  -the center of traditional grid-street (the oldest populated area of the

My interpretation of "somewhere near" is around 100-150 meters away;
on a not-so-important space (eg. a vacant area or generic community)
in the vicinity, where there are no other place nodes, or important
like a park or institution.

1st Reason:
The 'place node' is represented by a TEXT on the map.
-a rendered TEXT always cover the lines and polygons under it. Thus,
putting a place_node very close to another object (eg. important building),
will essentially make that building disappear (information visibility is
not optimized).
Said buildings  will only appear when you zoom-in on a digital map.
But you cannot zoom-in on a paper map (2-D). So I thought, the best
is to move it just enough not to cover important objects (part of the art).
(until such time we have an algorithm to do that automatically)

2nd Reason:
Putting a place node inside a polygon with a large footprint the size of
a neighborhood, like an institutional_polygon or a park; will not just
potentially cover the 'name' of institution or park, but add unintended
confusion or misrepresentation of the polygon.
eg. If you put a place_node of Ermita inside Rizal Park's valencia circle,
a tourist who wants to go to the heart of Ermita, ends up in Luneta
(which is technically Ermita) - but was not probably his/her intention

3rd Reason:
There are some LGU's (municipal and barangays) which relocated (or
their new townhalls away from the village or town centers.

Putting a place_node on top or near an isolated townhall (away from
populated center)
is not always representative of the general location of the village or the
(this is a dilemna for Mamasapano, where townhall is located near the

I'm voting +1 for:
place=village as admin_centre, provided it's located NEAR not ON the object

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