[talk-ph] Mapping IDP camps in Maguindanao, Philippines

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 02:21:00 UTC 2015

Dear HOTties,

(cc OSM-PH)

This is not an urgent task, but we are requesting any assistance you can extend.
There is an ongoing military operation in Maguindanao which affected 125K IDPs
[0 and 1].  I am in Cotabato right now assisting the ARMM-HEART (the
regional humanitarian agency) in using OSM in coordinating the
on-going response.

Fieldwork is very challenging due to physical and security conditions.
We created a task to improve the baseamap.  The task is here:

Advance thanks!

[0] http://reliefweb.int/map/philippines/philippines-displacement-overview-central-mindanao-3-mar-2015
[1] http://data.ex2.georepublic.net:8080/geofuse/showtheme?layer=csvdata.mb_FA7FECF8C37F1AAD7A504FAA0876B6D0_2348
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