[talk-ph] Center of Villages and Sub-villages in Maguindanao

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Mon Mar 30 07:42:20 UTC 2015

Dear Rally,

> I'm just guessing, but maybe it's the masjid/mosque that I should be looking
> for. But, the buildings' shapes in the vicinity are all squares/rectangles
> (if examined on bing images) which hardly give a clue that some particular
> buildings are places of worship. Except for one noticeable difference: some
> odd buildings are not aligned with the surrounding structures. They are
> generally facing east, yet they don't have a common/consistent angle of
> direction.
For an example of a mosque, see here:
View in JOSM/iD to see imagery in Bing.

> Does it make sense to put a node tagged as:
> place=neighbourhood
> FIXME=name
> https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/talk-ph
No don't tag place=neighbourhood just use landuse=residential.
Assigning a place tag (which indicates a form of administration)
in these areas are very difficult.  There are cases where it looks
like a small village given our assumption in other areas but it turned
out to be
a town center.  To avoid such confusion, just do a generic
landuse=residential tag.

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