[talk-ph] Forest landcover

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Tue Feb 2 17:17:52 UTC 2016


Firstly let me introduce myself, I'm based in the UK.  I've been involed 
with OSM pretty much from the start, (I attended the first ever mapping 
party), was responsible for a large part of the original worldwide 
coastline import,  spent a lot of time fixing coastline errors, did most 
of the original mapping of Baghdad from Bing & Yahoo imagery, and have 
done of lot of other mappng from imagery worldwide, as well as mapping 
from my own GPX tracks here in th UK and wherever I vacation.

I have recently started mapping parts of Leyte. Initially focusing on 
some of the smaller scale mapping ( tracing builings etc) .

I then noticed that some areas of coastline on the west of the island 
needed updating from imagery since it had the typical "saw-tooth" effect 
resulting from imports of coastline data. so have been working on that.  
I'm not finished yet!

Anyway, the purpose of my post to the list is to ask about landuse = 
forest areas.  If you look at the central part of Leyte some large areas 
have been mapped and tagged for the forest, but :

(1) these seem to have arbitary boundaries (long strainght lines where 
the areas simply have not been accuarely mapped to any natural feature)

(2) The areas so far mapped with tree cover (either "natural = wood", or 
"landuse = forest" represent a smnall proportion of the actual forest 
cover on the island.

My question is, is it OK if as I map other things I extend the tree 
cover areas .  This may result in a large part of Leyte "turning green" 
on the map.


David Groom

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