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Beginning today, I will forward the weekly OSM news here.  This is a
weekly summary of what's up in the OSM planet.
I personally find it useful to catchup. Let me know if this is noise.

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Subject: [OSM-talk] weeklyOSM 288
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The weekly round-up of OSM news, issue # 288 is now available online
in English, giving as always a summary of all things happening in the
OpenStreetMap world:


Highlights of the weeklyOSM edition 288

Want to know what's in store with the next Vespucci release? ...
Pascal Neis writes an interesting blog on how to find suspicious changesets ...
Mapbox created two OpenSource and free tools for better maps: OSMLint
(For quality analysis of OSM data) and OSM Comments (To track
conversations in OpenStreetMap) ...
10 interesting things you need to know about OpenStreetMap ...
New to OSM? There is a training module for you ...
Do you want to know more about the rare optical phenomenon (streets in
Sky), read in here for more information ..


weeklyOSM is brought to you by ...

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