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Another weekly dose of news and tidbits from around the OSM world.

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The weekly round-up of OSM news, issue # 293, is now available online in
English, giving as always a summary of all things happening in the
OpenStreetMap world:

*Among others:*

   - Going to SotM Brussels? Look in here for the discount the visitors can
   get at a specific hotel ...
   - Games based on OSM, read more about the new release of a game using
   OSM data...
   - A very interesting interactive map about "every disputed territory" in
   the world...
   - Maps that could guide the visually impaired people? Yes it is
   possible, look in for the service provided by the Touch Mapper...
   - Deborah Farmer Kris explains why in this GPS era, children should
   learn how to read and draw maps...

   Enjoy! weeklyOSM is brought to you by ...
   Jinal Foflia

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