[talk-ph] Retagging the abandoned PNR Batangas Line

Jherome Miguel jheromemiguel at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 14:22:32 UTC 2017

I made a series of edits to change portions of the PNR (Philippine National
Railways) Batangas Line from abandoned to proposed, as part of the planned
North-South Railway project. But, I have uncertainty that these should
remain as abandoned railways, however, there are official plans to
reconstruct the PNR Batangas Line as part of the North-South Railway Phase
2 on several online news articles. The so-called North-South Railway, which
will extend the PNR South Main Line from Legaspi to Matnog, and rebuild the
branch line (mentioned above) to Batangas City, is one of Rodrigo Duterte's
plans on the transport sector, along with decongesting roads in Metro
Manila and other planned railway construction projects, like the
Subic-Clark Railway Line, and I made edits to reflect those current plans.
I am also expecting that someone may follow up those retagging work on the
remaining portions of the PNR Batangas Line (including portions now part of
barangay roads), which will change them from abandoned to proposed, and add
related tags for the proposed railway.
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