[talk-ph] When to use"Saint" or "St." in place names

Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Tue Jun 20 09:16:44 UTC 2017

Just to flag a related issue, the search engine of OSM doesn't seem 'smart' in that it doesn't know that 'St.' and 'Saint' are equivalent (or 'St.' and 'Street' for that matter!). So when you're searching for Santa Ana, but its in the database as Sta. Ana, it won't be found. So yes, it is important to standardize on something. Or make the search engine a bit smarter! Actually the second option sounds better ... but I don't know how to do that. 


Jherome Miguel wrote on Wednesday, 14 June, 2017 07:37 PM:
> After reading this OSM Help thread (https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/19609/saint-or-st-is-there-an-official-osm-policy), this has raised this question for place names in the Philippines starting with "Saint" and "St.". While there is consensus on OSMPH to use "San" over "Sn." and "Santa" over "Sta.", the case of "Saint" and "St." is unclear. I have tended to spell out "St." on place names (including street names) using them in the beginning to "Saint" with this lack of consensus, but, after reading the linked OSM Help thread, I am made aware about the use "Saint" or "St." in place names which start with those. If the sign uses "Saint", then use it, and that is the same case for "St.", but this may be troublesome for names which may be spelled out with "Saint" or "St." (something I encountered with the name of Basilica of St. Martin of Tours, where it can be written with "St." or "Saint"). Can that be used when choosing to use "Saint" or "St."?
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