[talk-ph] e-meeting invitation. re more broader org for mapping/geo/foss/civtech

Erwin Olario govvin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 01:06:19 UTC 2018

We'd like invite everyone who are interested in a formal organization
between a broad group of mapping/geo/foss/civtech communities in the

The OpenStreetMap local community (LoCo) in Metro Manila already
collaborates closely with the FOSS4G LoCo for some time now, and we have a
number of individuals who are interested in formalizing the relationship.

This proposed association is not limited to OSM, or FOSS4G, and we'd also
like to find informal communities in FOSS, CivTech, or Open Data movements
who can benefit from such a network.

The meeting hopes tackle several issues, among others:
* what are the common objectives that bind the groups/communities
* how to work together while promoting their groups' particular interests
* it is even feasible to work under the same umbrella

Of course, we're also aware of OpenStreetMap Philippines, Inc., and Eugene
recently expressed an interest for a local chapter recognition from OSMF.
Right now, I believe only formal organizations are recognized in the
process, although word from the recent SOTM say they're hoping to recognize
informal communities, soon.

Anyway, this isn't an either-or proposition. The proposed association will
advocate, support, and promote initiatives, people, and other organizations.

We're polling for the possible e-meeting schedule here [0], and I have some
notes notes here [1].

Your participation is very welcome!


[0]: https://framadate.org/ryX7LOECPGs1Zw2l
[1]: : https://hackmd.io/s/SJzy1oq47#

/Erwin Olario

e: erwin at ngnuity.xyz | v/m: https://t.me/GOwin | s: https://mstdn.io/@GOwin
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