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Hello all,

I'm forwarding this message posted by the Grab OSM team. You can see the
referred document in the message on GitHub here:


> Good Morning All,
> Firstly, we would like to sincerly thank Erwin and Rally for the detailed
> explanation on how to use offset database.
> A quick clarification of the objects we mentioned in our github issue
> page. Before we started to work on Metro Manila, a note was posted in PH
> facebook page in the intent to get help from local community on any specifc
> policies to be followed, offset distance to be maintained etc. Alvin from
> the community made a point that there was a significant contribution made
> by Kaart team in the same area, so, we wanted to evaluate the city and
> understand if we want to continue working on Metro Manila or not.
> Two categories of objects were mentioned in the page -
> - missing roads - way id or node id mentioned here are the ids of roads
> nearby to the missing roads.
> - classification gaps - example objects with incorrect classifications.
> Hence these objects posted in our github page are only examples of missing
> roads and classification gaps we found in the sample areas we investigated
> and does not comprise the entire work we intend to do in the city.
> As suggested by Erwin, to further clarify what do we mean by
> classification gaps we tried to explain a handful of instances so that we
> can explain our project to the community better.
> Here is the document with examples.
> Local mappers have been of great help and support and we will ensure to
> continue producing high quality maps within our scope.
> Thanks
> Lavanya
> Grab Team
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